Our Approach

We base our approach towards Assessment on globally recognized scientific expertise. The expertise is provided by one of the key international players in the field – HoganAssessment Systems (HAS). HAS is an assessment-based solution used to improve performance in a number of areas such as Executive Assessment, Executive Coaching, Talent Management, Retain Management, Succession Planning,Team Assessment, etc.

HAS can be trusted to produce the best results for the needs of Assessment. It abides by the golden standard of assessment quality and provides assessment to more than1,000 companies worldwide. HAS processes more than 50,000 assessments per month.

The Assessment service can be used separately or in a combination with any of our other executive solutions. It has been widely applied to a variety of situations by both client companies and executives themselves. The situations vary from conflict resolution to organizational culture and environment matching.

Organizational Situation

Our Assessment service possesses outstanding flexibility and usability of functional application. Therefore, it can be applied to a number oforganizational situations in order to increase team and individual performance.

The general idea behind the Assessment service is to promote (self-) knowledge in order to help companies and executives understand specific core behavioral sources and patterns. Based on the results, ways to guide behavior in a constructive and performance-oriented manner can be identified and applied in accordance to a particular organizational situation or environment.