Our Understanding and Approach

Executive Mentoring is Guidance and direction from an experienced person such that the individual is challenged to explore and integrate new perspectives.Mentoring is aimed at the individual achieving their full potential in the career and includes guidance and advice on specific business challenges,including strategy and policy. Ideally, your mentor should have broad useful experience and the ability to share that with you at a practical and pragmatic level that is goal-directed and which you can adapt and apply to your own strategic business success. It is more “shared experience” in focus.

Among other things a mentor provides:

  • Safety a confidant with whom you can share personal frustrations, fears, uncertainties, or even doubts without worrying about an adverse impact on your career or working relationships.
  • A sounding board an enagaged, supportive listener who poses insightful questions as you talk through tough leadership decisions, new ideas for your business, or life choices outside your executive or professional career.
  • Perspective a knowledgeable advisor who understands executive leadership and offers an outside point of view on your business and the dynamics within it
  • Counsel an advisor who helps you sort through difficult issues related to ethics, employee relations, the direction of your career, or life outside your business.
  • Coaching a skilled communicator who shows you how to sharpen the tools most critical for your success.
  • A Guide a probing questioner who helps you keep your values aligned, your priorities in order, and your inner life in balance.


The Mentor has knowledge, skills andexperience, which makes all the difference. Working together, we can increaseyour effectiveness in

  • making productive decisions;
  • setting goals that are both far-reaching and manageable;
  • cultivating your willingness to go beyond the 'comfort zone' in accomplishing these goals.

After we have clearly identified where you want to be, we then closely collaborate to keep you on track to achieve your goals.


Benefits For the Reporting Team

  • clarity of direction
  • effectiveness / productivity
  • role models
  • transferable tools and techniques
  • relevant training programs
  • improved service delivery
  • confidence and openness