Executive Search

Our Approach 

In order to ensure successful launch and efficient approach in the delivery of the project, the preparatory phase of the project will include:

  • Organizational Analysis - We collect information for the business strategy and goals, organizational structure, company values and culture; human capital policies & procedures;
  • Job Analysis - We collect all the needed information for the position - work activities, processes, procedures; main responsibilities and requirements;
  • Defining Ideal Profile - we support and consult you through out the crucial process of defining the ideal profile for the position – Functional Competencies such as education, professional experience, professional knowledge, and Behavioral and Leadership Competencies such as personal abilities and characteristics, attitudes, values, motives/ analytical thinking, drive performance, result orientation, communication etc./ Well defined Ideal profile is a solid ground for making the right selection decision and choosing the most suitable and best performing candidate.
  • Media Strategy - We prepare a media plan, along with your approval, of the different communication channels to be used - Print media channels, such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, booklets etc; On-line media channels – job boards, our web-site, social networks and different job-realted platforms etc.; Data-base; Networking and informal channels;


Talent Sourcing

  • Advertising Campaigns in different medias and communication channels
  • Database search – as a company with a history we have a solid database, which we use as the first instrument, when starting a new project. Usually we use it with the Advertising Campaign simultaneously.
  • Networking – We use social networks and platforms, informal relationships and references.


Talent Assessment

  • Methods of Assessment – The stage begins with our consultants’ comprehensive understanding of the competencies and skills to be measured. Your professional support will be highly appreciated at this point of the process. Subsequently, we will identify the appropriate method for assessment of employees’ potential and skills in compliance with your core competencies. We will also characterize which of the competencies and skills could be measured through Hogan and which of them could be measured through the Competency Based Interview.
  • Competencies Translation – Previously defined key behavioral competencies and skills will be translated into measurable personality dimensions/characteristics responding to the Talent Management System of Hogan.
  • Validation - We will work with you to agree on the outcomes of the process and ensure they fit within your organizational goals and culture.